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Our expert team are committed to helping you restore your confidence with safe and effective treatment options.

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About our Cosmetic & Laser Clinic

Our team of highly trained dermatologists, dermal therapists and nurses provide a wide range of premium cosmetic skin treatments including, antiwrinkle injections, dermal fillers, LED red light facials and peels and laser hair reductionAt our clinic, we have state-of-the-art lasers to treat a large variety of skin problems including birthmarks, skin redness and flushing, brown pigmentation, sun-damage and general skin rejuvenation.


Why choose Complete Skin Specialists

At Complete Skin Specialists, we are committed to helping you restore your confidence with safe, reliable and effective treatment options. As medical professionals, our dermatologists are trained in the musculoskeletal anatomy of the face and are uniquely placed to advise the best treatment options for your individual needs. With our extensive medical experience, your safety and health is our highest priority. We perform all of our cosmetic treatments and procedures to high clinical standards. Our clinic has been designed with your comfort and confidentiality in mind. 


Cosmetic & laser consult fees

The fees for consults with our highly trained specialists are reflective of the high standard of care & service we provide. You can view our price guide here.

How to make an appointment with our Cosmetic and Laser clinic

You do not require a referral to visit our Cosmetic and Laser Clinic. To book a consultation or learn more about our cosmetic and laser services, please fill out the form below and one of our expert team members will get back to you.

Please note:

The request a call back service is not available for our Dermatology practice. If you wish to book a dermatology appointment please visit the dermatology page to learn more.