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Our expert team are committed to helping you restore your confidence with safe and effective treatment options.

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About our Dermatology Practice

Led by Dr Belinda Welsh and Dr Cara McDonald, our expert team of dermatologist have a wealth of knowledge and experience treating, managing and resolving conditions and diseases of the skin, hair and nails. At the Complete Skin Specialists Dermatology Clinic, we educate you about your skin and advise only evidence-based treatment options. We tailor effective treatment pathways that integrate a high level of support and care throughout the entire management of your condition.

If a medical condition of the skin, hair or nails arises, one of our dermatologists can help you get back in control and improve the overall health and wellbeing of your skin.

How to make an appointment with a dermatologist

Prior to booking a dermatology appointment, please ensure you have a referral.

A referral ensures that there is clear communication between our practice & your GP regarding your medical history & ongoing care. It also helps us with any relevant medical history we may require.

A referral also allows our practice to claim the Medicare rebate on the fees for your consultation, biopsies and other medical procedures. If you attend an appointment without a referral you will not be able to claim the Medicare rebate.

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