Benign lumps and bumps

Our skin specialists can help with benign lumps and bumps

Removal of benign lumps

We offer an extensive range of treatment options for both cancerous and benign skin lesions. Many lumps and bumps on the skin are non-cancerous and harmless but cause irritation or concern due to their appearance or discomfort.

Our specialist dermatologists and our highly trained team of nurses and skin therapists can help by checking and treating all types of skin lesions. You can be reassured that your treatment will be both safe and appropriate for your type skin and the problem you have.

All skin lesions should be assessed to exclude malignancy before being treated with physical therapies such as cryotherapy or lasers. The risk of undesirable scarring should also be assessed before the removal of any spots.

What are benign lumps and bumps?

Benign skin lesions or growths may affect all areas of the body. Benign lesions are typically slow growing or stable in size and may be solitary or multiple.

What types of lumps and bumps do we treat?

At the Complete Skin Specialists, we offer various treatment options which can be discussed at your consultation.

Some of the skin lesions we commonly treat include:

  • Seborrheic keratosis: a very common skin coloured, brown or black raised/rough skin lesion commonly seen on the head or trunk. These have a strong genetic tendency but can also be induced by sun or friction. Often removed for cosmetic reasons or because of irritation. Treatment options may include cryotherapy, shave excision, curettage.
  • Acne cysts, blackheads and comedones: skin coloured bumps or lumps under the skin surface in acne prone skin. Acne cysts and comedones can be treated using acne extractions and intralesional steroid injections. Medical treatment options are also available.
  • Milia: very small white bumps close to the surface giving the skin a rough or bumpy appearance which can be treated with extractions, peels and fine wire diathermy.
  • Benign naevi (moles): may be removed to improve appearance or to prevent the risk of change. These may be removed by our dermatologists using a shave excision or surgical excision.
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia: small skin coloured/yellow lumps on the face caused by enlarged oily glands. These are commonly treated by our cosmetic therapists using fine wire diathermy and can also respond to medical treatment options.
  • Sebaceous or epidermal cysts: larger skin coloured/yellow lumps in the deeper layer of the skin which may need for cosmetic reasons or to prevent infection or growth.
  • Syringoma: small skin coloured lesions typically around the eyes caused by enlarged sweat glands. Treatment options include CO2 laser ablation and fine wire diathermy.
  • Pilar cysts: scalp cysts which can be surgically excised.
  • Keloid scars: should only be removed in some areas/situations as high risk or recurrent scars. Non-surgical treatment options include intralesional corticosteroids and 5-fluorouracil injections. Dumbbell scars on the ears may be excised under specialist care.

What to do when you notice a lump or bump on your skin

New skin lesion should be checked by your local doctor if you are not sure of the diagnosis. If the lesion is safe to remove then one or a variety of treatment options may be available to reduce or remove it. Treatments for benign skin lesions include extractions, cryotherapy (freezing), fine wire diathermy, surgical excision, shave excision, curettage, chemical peels and laser.

If you are confident that your skin lesions are benign, then a consultation can be booked with our cosmetic therapists to discuss and schedule appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options


Depending on individual circumstances, treatment options may include:

  • Surgical excision
  • Shave excision/curette
  • Ablative CO2 laser
  • Fine wire diathermy
  • Cryotherapy

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Treatment Options

Cosmetic & Laser

Depending on individual circumstances, treatment options may include:

  • Extractions
  • Fine wire diathermy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Chemical peels
  • Ablative CO2 laser

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