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Led by Dr Belinda Welsh and Dr Cara McDonald, the dermatologists who consult at our clinic, as well as our group of cosmetic nurses, dermal and skin therapists are committed to helping you restore your confidence and improve the health of your skin. We take a unique approach to understanding your needs and provide expert advice and a variety of reliable and effective treatment options suited to your skins unique profile.


Nurses & Clinical Support

angela clinic nurse
Angela Nursing Team Leader | Registered Nurse
alicia receptionist at complete skin
Alicia Enrolled Nurse
chelsea clinic nurse
Chelsea Registered Nurse
Maria Enrolled Nurse

Medical Clinic

Jordan Medical Practice Team Leader
Tamieka Medical Receptionist
Melissa Medical Receptionist
Karen S Medical Receptionist
Leann Medical Receptionist

Cosmetic Clinic

Caitlin Cosmetic Practice Team Leader
Allison Lead Cosmetic Receptionist
Karen M Cosmetic Receptionist
Courtney Cosmetic Receptionist & PA to Dr Belinda Welsh
Emma Cosmetic Receptionist


  • allergan medical institute
  • St Vincent's Hospital

Our specialties


The dermatologists available at our clinic are highly trained and experienced, and can help to prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of skin, nail and hair conditions and diseases.

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Our specialties

Cosmetic & Laser

We pride ourselves on providing effective and reliable cosmetic & laser treatment options to help you enhance the natural elements of your individual profile.

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