General Questions

Do I need a referral from my GP or other specialist?

Yes, a current referral from your GP or specialist is required for all new patients. This ensures our admin team can arrange an appointment for you within an appropriate timeframe. It also helps us with any relevant medical history we may require and ensures clear communication between us, and other relevant health care professionals who care for you.

A referral also allows us to claim your consultation and other medical procedures performed at our clinic through Medicare, which means you will receive a rebate on your fees. Without a referral, full fees will apply.

All referrals must be sent to your clinic beforehand via fax on (03) 9740 2889 or email: referral@completeskinspecialists.com.au.

What if my referral is urgent in nature?

All referrals are required to be either faxed or emailed to our practice, these referrals are then triaged by our medical team and categorised by urgency. If you feel your referral needs immediate action please ask your referring GP to call our practice to discuss an appointment.

How long does my referral last?

A standard GP referral referral expires after 12 months. A referral from a Medical Specialist, for example, another dermatologist expires after 3 months. To be eligible for the Medicare rebate for your consult you will require a new referral if your previous referral has expired.

Can I claim fees on my private health insurance?

Unfortunately private health insurance only covers medical services performed in Hospital. Rebates are available for patients who hold a valid Medicare card.

How long is the waiting list?

We do have an extensive waiting list for non-urgent, general dermatology appointments at present. We have a triaging system in place for urgent referrals, and do our best to get patients an appointment as soon as possible. To make an appointment, please contact our medical reception team.

What are the consult fees?

The fees for consultations are reflective of the high standard of care & service we provide. Medicare rebates are available for patients who hold a current Medicare card and who have a current GP or specialist referral. We are able to claim these rebates on the day and process the rebate back to the patients bank account that is registered with Medicare.

Dermatology Fees:

  • Consultation (initial and review): $250
  • Specialty Consultation (Dr Belinda Welsh/Dr Cara McDonald): $270
  • Procedure Fees: range between $300 – $600 out of pocket depending on the type of surgical procedure required. You will be quoted during your consultation.

For cosmetic and laser prices email cosmetic@completeskinspecialists.com.au with your desired treatment and a member of our reception team will advise.

Where are you located?

Our main clinic is located in Sunbury, VIC. We have two clinics side-by-side, one is for our medical services, the other is for our cosmetic and laser services. When booking your appointment, our reception team will advise which building you are attending. As a general guide, the white building (#39) is medical, and the navy blue (#35) is for cosmetic.

Dr Cara McDonald also offers cosmetic injectable consultations in Richmond.

Is there parking available?

Yes, at our Sunbury clinic there is patient parking available at the back of the building. We have signage to guide you.

There is also 2-hour parking available on Station Street, and a mix of 2-hour and all day parking available in the surrounding streets.

Cancel Policy & Non Attendance Policy

When is a cancellation classified as a late cancellation?

We respectfully request 48 hours notice if you are unable to attend your appointment.

Will I be charged a late cancellation fee?

For our cosmetic and laser clinic, yes, if you late cancel or do not attend your appointment a $50 cancellation fee or a deposit to secure your next appointment will be required. We ask for 48-hours notice if you have a change of mind, and you are welcome to reschedule.