Sun damage

How our skin specialists can help treat sun damage

Sun damage is one of the most common problems we treat. We have many years of experience assessing and treating sun-damaged skin with a wide variety of treatments including lasers. Our Doctors are constantly staying abreast of the most innovative, effective and safe treatments to make these available to our patients.

How can you improve sun damaged skin?

We can help improve many aspects of sun damage including:

  • Dry rough scaly skin (solar keratoses)
  • Redness, flushing and capillaries
  • Brown spots (liver spots)
  • Seborrhoeic keratoses
  • Angiomas (red blood vessel spots)
  • Sebaceous hyperplasia (enlarged oil glands).

What are the most common laser treatments for sun damaged skin?

Our most common laser treatments for sun damage are:

  • Vascular laser (VBEAM): for skin redness and capillaries
  • IPL/FRAX/Light & Bright: for skin texture and pigmentation
  • Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing: for moderate-to-severe sun-damaged skin.

How many laser sessions will I require?

This is often based on your degree of the sun damage but generally, multiple treatments (2-4) are needed. We will give you an estimate of your individual requirements at your consultation.

How should I prepare for treatment?

We will give you very clear and specific instructions so that your treatment will run smoothly and you will get the most out of each and every treatment.

As with all laser treatments, careful sun protection in the leadup and after treatment is critical.

Treatment Options


Depending on individual circumstances, treatment options may include:

  • Creams for sun-damage
  • Skin Cancer treatment
  • Skin Cancer surgery

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Treatment Options

Cosmetic & Laser

Depending on individual circumstances, treatment options may include:

  • Sun protection
  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Vascular Laser
  • Skin Peels
  • PDT photorejuvenation

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