Laser for scarring

How our skin specialists can improve scarring

Scars develop as the skin heals after injury from a number of causes – surgery, trauma and accidents, burns or inflammation such as acne.

We have two dermatologists who specialise in the treatment of scarring. We consider a number of scar characteristics, which may need addressing. These include:

  • Colour: redness, brown or white
  • Texture: smooth or rough surface
  • Contour: depressed/hollow or raised and thick.

While scars cannot be completely erased we consider all these factors to tailor the best laser, medical or surgical approach to help to remodel and blend your scar with the surrounding skin as best as possible. In all cases, a consultation with one of our dermatologists is required first to understand what treatment options will be best for you.

How do lasers work to improve scars?

Different types of lasers are used to treat different scar problems.

Our Candela V beam laser is the gold standard laser for redness and is very safe and effective. It uses the energy of yellow light to target and remove abnormal blood vessels and remodel collagen. Redness will often improve over time but some scars stay red and develop small capillaries around them making them more obvious.

Fractional CO2 (carbon dioxide) lasers drill multiple tiny holes in scars to effectively re-injure them in a very controlled way so that they are forced to re-heal to create a better scar which blends with the surrounding skin. This laser is commonly used for acne scarring, traumatic, burns and surgical scars.

Radiofrequency microneedling uses an array of tiny needles to break up the thickened collagen in scars and the radiofrequency energy helps to encourage new and remodelled collagen and thus a smoother more even skin.

How many laser scar removal sessions will I require?

It takes time to improve and remodel scars. Patience is needed and in general, multiple treatment sessions are required. We can give you an estimate of how many treatments you may need at your first consultation.

How do I prepare for laser scar removal treatments?

Generally, very little preparation is needed before treatment. Silicon gels (available at the Chemist) can be helpful if used daily between treatments. Daily sun protection is important to prevent pigmentation changes after laser treatments.

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