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Full face rejuvenation, also known as a ‘soft face lift’, using cosmetic injectables is the perfect solution for those looking for a refreshed, natural look without surgery. FFR typically involves the use of dermal fillers to lift and smooth the the face from top to bottom, giving a remarkable yet subtle transformation of the face. At Complete Skin Specialists our specialist dermatologists have the most extensive training in skin, anatomy and facial ageing, enabling superior and safe advanced injecting to all regions of the face including forehead, temples, mid-face and jawline as well as around the mouth and eyes.

How is a full face rejuvenation achieved?

Full face rejuvenation uses dermal filler to address the root cause of the ageing process and to restore the facial shape and anatomy for a more refreshed or youthful appearance. It can be also used for facial reshaping in younger patients.

Excellent result results are achieved using a thorough understanding of facial anatomy combined with an extensive knowledge of dermal filler product science. It requires a superior aesthetic eye and an understanding of how injectables can affect the longer-term aging process. Whilst deep hollows and volume loss must be addresses, it is of utmost importance to lose the natural features of the face by placing filler in the wrong areas or over-filling.

Typical areas injected with dermal filler to achieve a full face rejuvenation include:

Upper face

  • Temples, brow and forehead
  • Advanced injecting areas to fill of hollow and gaunt areas, resulting in brow lift and reshaping and elevation of the corner of the eye
  • This will typically lift the upper eyelid, opening the eye once again and removing the tired and sad appearance the results from a drop in the angle of the eye with ageing
  • Lift through the temple will also result in an improved contour through to the cheek and soft lift throughout the lower and mid face

Mid face

Cheeks: Specific deep cheek injection sites will provide lift and reshaping of both the middle and lower thirds of the face including softening of nasolabial folds and marionettes. Further injections can address hollows and deep wrinkles to smooth the skin at a higher level.

Lower face

  • Angle of the jaw: placement of product away from the centre of the face further helps to lift and smooth the lower face resulting in softening of the accordion lines, marionettes and lifting of the jowls
  • Marionette: injections with fill and smooth deep creases which will help reverse a sad or droopy looking mouth. Corners of the mouth will be supported to prevent moisture and irritation in the creases
  • Chin: volume replacement in the chin can be an important area to balance the face. As we age our chins lift up whilst the jowls drop down resulting in a square-shaped, saggy or sad look to the face. Smoothing and elongating the chin slightly can restore the balance, curves and shape of the lower face

Additional treatment areas depending on the individual include:

  • Periorbital region and tear troughs – to improve hollow dark circles under the eyes, lift and open the eye
  • Perioral area and lips – to address upper and lower lip lines and lip volume. Even when bigger lips are not desirable, some filler may be required in the lip body to support the surrounding structures and improve a small or ‘mean’ looking mouth
  • Nasolabials – this area will soften when filler is used in the upper and mid face for lift and support. It is an undesirable look to completely smooth the nasolabial fold but some patients may need direct injections to soften the line, lift the upper lip and to improve the contours of the face.
  • Neck – dermal filler can be used in the necklace lines (deep horizontal skin wrinkles) to achieve a smoother appearance
  • Double chin – in some cases the submental fat pad (double chin) contributes to the ageing process and changes in face shape. This can now be addressed with permanent fat dissolving injections (Belkyra®) to contribute to the effect of a soft lift and facial reshaping

How much does the procedure cost?

The cost of the procedure depends on the starting point, the desired endpoint and therefore the volume of premium dermal filler required. Most patients will undergo a single ‘foundation’ procedure to address the primary areas of volume loss in the upper, middle and lower face. This would typically cost $2250 (for a younger person aged in their 30s-40s) through to $5000 (for those aged in their in 60s-70s).

How long do the results last?

The effects of the procedure will last between 1 and 2 years before a gradual loss of some of the changes. Even if no maintenance or further procedures are performed, long term improvement in the face shape and skin quality will usually be enjoyed. The skin and face will however continue to age in a natural way.

In order to maintain the effect and build on initial improvement, maintenance treatment would be expected to be approximately 50% of the initial volume (and cost) each 12 months. This varies greatly between individuals.

Will a full face rejuvenation hurt?

Most people find the treatment relatively painless. Dermal fillers are delivered to the deep layers of the skin via small injections. Juvederm XC ® premium dermal filler used at our clinic products contains local anaesthetic which relieves discomfort during the procedure. In some cases local anaesthetic cream or injections are used to further minimise discomfort. Pain, however, varies between treatment site and patients and further methods such as ice and vibration are used if required.

How long does a typical full face rejuvenation session take?

Treatment will begin with a full face consultation with one of our specialist injectors to discuss the areas of need and the ageing process and determine a treatment plan and timeline. In most cases the procedure can be completely or partially completed on the same day and takes between 30 and 60 minutes. Multiple procedures may be required to reach the desired end result.

Will I need time off work?

In most cases, there is no need to take any time off work or social activities. However, there is a risk of bruising which is occasionally difficult to hide with makeup. In these cases the area can be treated with our vascular laser which breaks up the bruise quickly. Most people experience mild swelling and tenderness for a few days which is apparent to only them.

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