About Us


Dr Belinda Welsh established her specialist dermatology practice in 2002 when it was known as Sunbury Dermatology and Skin Cancer Clinic. Her aim was to provide the Sunbury district and rural Central Victoria with access to specialised medical skin care services. Prior to opening the clinic Belinda had practised medicine in Sydney and Melbourne working in both private practice and public hospitals. Belinda continues to consult to St Vincents and the Royal Children Hospital dermatology departments and the Skin and Cancer Foundation of Victoria. She is also participates in the Australasian College of Dermatologists rural program and has visited Portland hospital several times per year for the past 10 years.

With the addition of our second dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald and our 3 specialist nurses and highly experienced reception staff the clinic is able to provide a greatly expanded service.

Mission Statement

“To provide access to excellence in the management and treatment of skin conditions for people outside of metropolitan Melbourne.”


Two factors have driven Belinda’s vision. First, was her strong awareness of how a skin conditions can affect your state of mind and well being. Having experienced Rosacea herself, Belinda has empathy for those with skin problems. She has a personal appreciation of the difference effective treatment and management of skin conditions can make to a her patients confidence and self-esteem.

The second factor was the desire to take her medical skills to an area that lacked medical services. This simple vision for the practice is born of her recognition that most dermatologists are clustered within 15 kms of the CBD and that for people outside the boundaries of the city it can be difficult to gain access to specialised medical treatment for skin conditions.

Servicing such a large geographic region and building a reputation for excellence has created a strong demand for the clinic’s services and to help meet that demand Belinda has expanded her team. To learn more about the team and the services offered by Complete Skin Specialists click on the menus.

Senior Medical Consultant: Dr Belinda Welsh