How we can help you with redness and sun damage

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  • Persistent redness
  • Facial flushing
  • Broken capillaries
  • Post-inflammatory erythema – commonly associated with acne and skin trauma
  • Pigmentation and sun damage

Cosmetic treatment options include:
Targeted skincare and advice for home management

Vascular laser (VBEAM): A yellow-light laser that is designed to treat redness. Depending on the skin concern, you are prescribed a set number of treatments, which are typically performed 6-8 weeks apart.

In our opinion, this device is the gold-standard for treating mild to severe redness. As dermatologists, we’ve had experience with various types of lasers and other treatment devices, and in our years of practice, the VBEAM device delivers the best results – it has been used within our clinic for over 10-years.

How does it work? A pulse of the laser delivers a burst of energy, this energy is attracted to, and absorbed by redness within the different layers of skin.
Is the procedure painful? Numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure to help manage comfort levels. It is described as a flicking sensation on the skin, and with numbing cream, it is well tolerated.
Is there downtime? Yes, you will experience moderate swelling and (in same cases) mild bruising that is visible for up to 5-days post-treatment. Your skin will feel warm and appear pink/red immediately post-treatment, which settles within a few hours and is managed with ice. The swelling and bruising will begin to appear overnight, and day 1-3 is typically the most obvious. There is no pain associated with the downtime. You are advised to plan sensibly around social engagements.

Pigment laser – IPL, FRAX or Light & Bright: A sophisticated multi-light laser designed to target sun damage. Depending on the skin concern, you are prescribed a set number of treatments, which are typically performed 8-10 weeks apart.

Like the VBEAM, this is a gold-standard treatment device that achieves a significant reduction in the appearance of sun damage, signs of ageing, as well as a noticeable improvement in skin clarity and texture.


Speak to your treating dermatologist about laser treatment, and if they believe it’s appropriate for your skin concern, they will prepare an internal referral to our cosmetic and laser clinic. We will then contact you to discuss the treatment further, and arrange an appointment.

Alternatively, you can direct book a consultation with our laser therapy team.