Anti-ageing & aesthetic treatments

How we can help you retore, rebalance and prevent

Anti-wrinkle injections

Legislative changes enforced by the Therapeutic Good Association (TGA) impose restrictions on how we can advertise procedures that involve the use of prescription medication. To learn more about the anti-ageing and cosmetic treatment options we offer, please contact us directly on (03) 9740 2409 to discuss booking a consultation with one of our practitioners.

We offer consultations to discuss anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments. Whether your goal is to retore, rebalance or prevent, we have a range of effective treatment options available.

In all cases, a consultation is required so we can assess your needs and formalise a treatment plan best suited to you.

Consultations to discuss ageing concerns are available with Dr Ali Joboory, Dr Perri Chambers, Dr Cara McDonald and our cosmetic nurses, Tennele and Sarah. To learn more, or book a consultation, please contact our clinic on (03) 9740 2409 – option 2, or request a cosmetic appointment on this webpage.

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