Full face rejuvenation

Our specialist injectors can help you rejuvenate your face without surgery

Full face rejuvenation (FFR), also known as a ‘soft face lift’, using cosmetic injectables is the perfect solution for those looking for a refreshed, natural look without surgery. FFR typically involves the use of dermal fillers to lift and smooth the face from top to bottom, giving a remarkable yet subtle transformation of the face. Our specialist dermatologists have extensive training in skin, anatomy and facial ageing, enabling superior and advanced injecting to all regions of the face including the forehead, temples, mid-face and jawline as well as around the mouth and eyes.

How is a full face rejuvenation achieved?

Full face rejuvenation uses dermal filler to address ageing and restore facial shape for a more refreshed, youthful appearance. It can also be used for facial reshaping in younger clients.

Excellent results can be achieved with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, combined with an extensive knowledge of dermal filler product science. It requires a superior aesthetic eye and an understanding of how injectables can affect the long-term ageing process. Whilst deep hollows and volume loss must be addressed, it is of utmost importance to not lose the natural features of the face by placing filler in the wrong areas or over-filling.

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How much does the treatment cost?

Dermal filler is charged per how many mls required. The cost of treatment depends on the starting point and the desired endpoint, which will determine the volume of dermal filler required. You will be given an accurate quote for initial and ongoing treatment during your consultation with the specialist.

How long do the results last?

The effects of treatment will last between 1-2 years before a gradual loss of some of the changes. Even if no maintenance or further treatments are performed, long term improvement in the face shape and skin quality will usually be enjoyed. The skin and face will however continue to age in a natural way.

In order to maintain the effect and build on initial improvement, maintenance treatment is required and would be expected to be approximately 50% of the initial volume (and cost) every 12 months. This varies greatly between individuals.

Is the treatment painful?

Client comfort is of the utmost importance. Dermal filler is delivered to the deep layers of the skin via small injections and most people find the treatment relatively painless. The dermal filler we use at our clinic contains local anaesthetic which relieves discomfort during the treatment. In some cases, local anaesthetic cream or injections are used to further minimise discomfort. Pain, however, varies between treatment site and further methods such as ice and vibration are used if required.

How long does a typical full face rejuvenation session take?

We begin with a full face assessment and consultation to discuss the areas of need and determine a treatment plan and timeline. In most cases the treatment can be completely or partially completed on the same day. Multiple procedures may be required to reach the desired end result. The treatment itself (excluding consultation) will take about 30 minutes.

Will I need time off work?

In most cases, there is no need to take any time off work or social activities. However, there is a risk of bruising which is occasionally difficult to hide with makeup. In these cases the area can be treated with our vascular laser which breaks up the bruise quickly. Most people experience mild swelling and tenderness for a few days which is apparent to only them. You will be provided with aftercare.

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