Lessons from the world’s best cosmetic injectable practitioners

16 . 5 . 18

Dr. Belinda Welsh reports from the recent AMAC Cosmetic conference

Recently Dr. Cara McDonald and I had the opportunity to hear from the world’s best cosmetic injectable practitioners at the invitation only, Australian Medical Aesthetic Congress 2018 hosted by Allergan in Sydney.

The Total Face Approach, also known as the ‘liquid facelift’ is achievable for our patients and the results are remarkable, surpassing conventional surgery due to the three-dimensional lift and contouring which can be achieved with the techniques shared with us. The advantage of the current hyaluronic acid gel fillers is that when used correctly, they can restore a natural fresh youthful appearance.

The signs of ageing in the face are somewhat like what occurs when the foundations in your house shift, causing movement and cracks in the walls. Similarly, our facial features suffer when the foundations of your facial structures shift. Changes in the underlying bones, muscles, fat and skin results in your face sagging and wrinkles appearing. The risk of not properly understanding this and using injectables to fill lines instead of rebuilding the foundations is that it can result in pouty mouths and funny looking faces. This approach of building from the foundations up is essential to beautiful, natural results.

The key to the Total Face Approach is that those foundations are skilfully, artfully and most importantly safely restored and repaired through a complete understanding of the ageing process and the complex anatomy of the face. This is critical to providing our patients with outstanding and long-lasting results. Once the foundations are fixed we can contour and refine our results to create the magic.

Along with other doctors from Australia, New Zealand and Asia, we were able to refine and hone our skills by observing some of the best cosmetic injectors in the world who travelled from San Paulo Brazil, London and New York to generously share their knowledge and provide live demonstrations of their the latest “best practice” injecting techniques.

Cosmetic dermatology is continually evolving and at Complete Skin Specialists we are committed offering the best and safest treatments available.

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*Allergan funded the attendance of Dr’s Welsh and McDonald at this conference.