Skin surgery

Skin cancer is a condition that affects many.  In fact, over 8,000 Australians are diagnosed with melanoma each year.  Although potentially life-threatening, skin cancer can be surgically removed and effectively treated if caught early.  Plastic surgery offers cosmetic, functional and health solutions for skin conditions like birth marks and skin cancer.

Plastic surgeon Chris Bennett proficiently removes melanoma and offers effective scar removal for skin treatment areas.

Plastic surgery offers positive hope to skin cancer sufferers

Being diagnosed with skin cancer can be devastating. Malignant melanoma, highly visible disfigurement, residual scarring … all are common concerns.  Plastic surgery offers patients positive hope and efficient treatment for :-

  • Basal & squamous cell carcinoma
  • Malignant melanoma
  • Moles
  • Kerotosis

Skin cancer and scar removal

Skin cancer surgery is unique between individuals.  Type, size and location of your skin cancer will be key determinants of your plastic surgery procedure.  These factors will also establish whether local or general anaesthesia is required.  Always, the aim of plastic surgery is to fully remove the skin cancer while achieving the most aesthetically pleasing result.

A small skin cancer can be removed through a simple excision with barely visible resultant scarring.  Skin cancer and melanoma can be deceptive, being significantly more extensive under the skin than is apparent externally.  Advanced skin cancer can require more aggressive plastic surgery.  This may entail complex skin and tissue transfer.

More intensive plastic surgery treatments can result in some prominent scarring.  Chris Bennett combines skin cancer treatment with advanced reconstructive techniques.  Chris will minimise the impact of skin cancer upon your appearance through scar minimisation and removal.

Skin cancer is often a highly visible condition, occurring primarily on neck, face and head.  But Chris Bennett can achieve effective removal with preserved or enhanced aesthetic results.  Call today to discuss your plastic surgery options.