Dermal Fillers

Complete Skin Specialists now offers Juvederm ® hyaluronic acid injectable dermal fillers.

Appointments can be booked with dermatologist Dr Cara McDonald who is a trained and experienced injector.
Hyaluronic acid filler is a colourless, injectable gel, which holds water to hydrate the skin, add volume and cushions the skin where needed. Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar structure that is found naturally in the skin.
Dermal fillers are an effective treatment to replace or add volume to the face. Volume in the face is lost during the aging process and therefore dermal fillers are an effective anti-aging treatment, often used in combination with muscle relaxant injections, (Botox ®) and appropriate skin surface treatments, such as peels, laser and our medical strength skin care RATIONALE ®.

Uses for Dermal Fillers include:

  • Smoothing of facial wrinkles
  • Restoration of shape and volume to the cheeks
  • Filling of furrows or deep lines in the lower face
  • Correction of hollowness/shadows under the eyes
  • Lip enhancement or smoothing of lines around lips
  • Lifting of depressed scars
  • Nose shaping

The Procedure

Dermal fillers are delivered to the deep layers of the skin via small injections. Juvederm XC ® products contains local anaesthetic which relieves discomfort during the procedure. Pain and discomfort, however, varies between treatment site and patients.

The results are immediate and the effect is generally long-lasting, but not permanent. Hyaluronic acid fillers last between 6 months and 2 years depending on the site treated and product used. Side effects include possible redness or slight swelling at the injection site and in some cases bruising that may last up to a week. This can usually be covered by makeup.
Complications are rare but should be considered carefully before undertaking any procedure. These will be discussed and consent gained prior to your procedure.

Please feel free to book an appointment to discuss your treatment options.