Anti Wrinkle Injections

Botulinum toxin (BTX) is a safe, effective and affordable treatment that can be used to get rid of those annoying frown, forehead and crow’s feet lines.

A number of facial wrinkles occur as a result of our muscles making repeated facial expressions (such as laughing, frowning, concentrating or squinting). The repeated contraction of these facial muscles can create lines, which deepen over time. BTX injections can be used to relax the specific facial muscles that cause these expression lines. This prevents the muscles contracting, therefore preventing undesirable facial expression. As time goes by the lines gradually smooth and new ones are prevented from forming.

Pharmaceutical preparations of Botulinum toxin type A have been widely used since 1989 to treat a number of medical conditions including cerebral palsy in children and movement disorders. This protein is extracted from a naturally occurring bacterium, Clostridium botulinum in a laboratory under sterile conditions, much like penicillin is obtained from mould.

The procedure involves the injection of small amounts of BTX into specific facial muscles underlying frown lines, using a very fine needle. By applying ice to the area prior to injection discomfort is minimal, and you may resume normal activities soon after. After the injection, it can take up to a week for the treatment to take full effect. The effects initially last 3-4 months, however, with repeated injections this tends to increase (up to 6 months). If you choose not to have further BTX injections, your wrinkles will slowly revert back to their pre-treatment levels as the normal movement returns in your muscles. As with all medicines, BTX may cause some mild side-effects, but these are usually temporary.

BTX is a prescription medicine that should only be administered by medical professionals who have received the appropriate training and completely understand the muscles of the face. At Complete Skin Specialists, we realize that most people prefer a more ‘natural’ look, rather than the ‘frozen’ appearance of some Hollywood celebrities. We will assess and treat you with the optimal doses of BTX to give you a fresh, natural, relaxed look.

BTX can also be used for excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis. Again, a series of small injections are performed after the application of anaesthetic cream. The BTX enters the sweat glands and blocks the release of chemicals that signal perspiration. When used for this problem the beneficial effect normally lasts 7-12 months.

Cost: $18 per unit. Average for the face is 20-30 units.